Token Sale

How to participate in token sale?

The sale of GameStars token is carried out in two stages: pre-sale and token-sale.

Preliminary token sale in within the confines of Token Sale starts on 03.05.2018. We offer bonuses up to 50%. If you want to participate in token sale, you should sign up and buy tokens via your personal account. We accept ETH, BTC. The minimum sum of transaction on the stage of preliminary sale is 1 ETH

When will I get tokens?

Bonus tokens will be transferred to the investor’s wallet immediately. When your transaction is captured, you will see your tokens in your personal account.

Can USA or China citizens participate?

No. GST is utility ERC-20 token, but, due to insufficiency of lawful practice of ICO in USA, we decided to dodge probable risks, so we do not allow participation in sale for citizens of USA and China. Of course, after GST entering the exchanges, citizens of USA and China would be able to buy our tokens and use them further in application. 

Conditions of token sale

There is the limit for tokens purchasing:

Pre-sale of tokens: 3 of May 2018 (12:00 PM, UTC+0) – 10 of May 2018 (12:00 PM, UTC+0)

Token sale: 10 of May 2018 (12:00 PM, UTC+0) – 02 of July 2018 (12:00 PM, UTC+0)

General information:

Token name

GST (Game Stars Token)





Total amount of tokens to sale

325 000 000 GST

Purchase rate

0.035 USD

Hard cap

7,500,000 USD

Soft cap

2,000,000 USD

Acceptable currencies


Minimum sum of token purchase

1 ETH on pre-sale stage

0,01 ETH on sale stage

Maximum sum of token purchase

No limit

Tokens distribution

Pre-Sale: 5% Token-Sale: 60% Team: 7% Partners and advisors: 5% Bonus fund: 18% Liquid fund: 3,6% Bounty: 0,9% Airdrop for cyber athletes, teams: 0,5%

What will the money collected by token sale go for?

For the further GameStars platform development. In our vision, GameStars platform’s main purpose is granting ability to amateur and professional cyber athletes to get investments for their further development. The second purpose is to make investments clear, flexible and fair. 

Full road map you can see on our website main page.

Platform development45,00%
Operating costs12,00%
Legal costs6,00%
Other expenses3,00%

Bonuses on token sale.


35% if in investment is 1-10 ETH
40% if in investment is 10-50 ETH           
50% if in investment is 50+ ETH
During the whole Pre-Sale
30%                                                      Stage #1 - 10.05 - 27.05
20% Stage #2 - 27.05 - 13.06
10% Stage #3 - 13.06 - 02.07
What if you do not achieve soft cap?

If we do not achieve soft cap, by the rules of smart-contract, all tokens will be refunded.

What will you do with unsold tokens?

Unsold on the pre-sale stage and sale stage tokens will be sold on partner’s exchange. Tokens that will be unsold during all stages will be destroyed. 

Additional token emission?

New tokens will not be issued. There is the limit for tokens purchasing:

Pre-sale of tokens: 3 of May 2018 (12:00 PM, UTC+0) – 10 of May 2018 (12:00 PM, UTC+0)

Token sale: 10 of May 2018 (12:00 PM, UTC+0) – 02 of July 2018 (12:00 PM, UTC+0)


What the GameStars token is and how to get it?

GST is utility ERC-20 token, that is an universal mean of payment for mutual settlements inside the system. For example, tournament rewards on our platform is carrying out in GST. Cyberathlete Initial Coin Offering launching is also paid for GameStars Tokens, etc. On platform internal exchange, you can trade GST for personal cyber athlete tokens.

This is the token, that is issued and sold in crowd sale conditions.

What is the difference between GST (GameStars Token) and personal cyber athlete’s token?

On GameStars platform, we use two token types: token GST (GameStars Token) and personal cyber athlete’s token.


  GameStars Token (GST) Cyberathlete's Token
Primary issue purpose Raising fiunds for further development of the GameStars platform Raising funds for professional advancement of a cyberathlete
Intended use Means of payment within the platform A token that entitles its holder to a share of the cyberathlete's ravenues
Standart and platform ERC20 Standard token on the Ethereum platform ERC20 Standard token on the Ethereum platform with a range of additional functions
Emission One-time issue of 500m GST One-time issue of 100 personal tokens per each cyberathlete
What is the total amount of tokens?

500.000.000 GST.

Game Stars Project

What kind of competitive advantages does the project have?

The GameStars Token platform idea was born in surroundings of professional cyber athletes, who felt problems with cybersport themselves, and understand, which decisions would reform situation. 

We offer integrated solution for different level cyber athletes that allow them to progress like a professional and get reward in full and in time.

The GameStars Platform:

Possibility for cyber athlete to get investments for his own professional progress, to join many different level tournaments, create his own tournaments;

Possibility for teams to amplify their own players, find new suitable players for team, attract advertisers and sponsors;

Possibility for investors to get yield from his investments in cyber athlete;

Possibility to advertiser to choose suitable team, player or event for his brand promotion.

Which problems of cybersport industry does the GameStars solve?

Problem of initial investments for cybersport development searching.

GameStars platform offers functional that allows cyber athlete to get financing to his progress via Cyberathlete Initial Coin Offering (further CICO) procedure, sponsor or investor can estimate potential of cyber athlete based on analytical data and statistics, that platform provides.

High incoming threshold for amateur cyber athletes.

GameStars platform allows cyberathletes possibility to take action in many different level tournaments, giving access to gaining necessary experience for tournament playing and increasing chances of reward receiving.

Amateur cyber athletes often did not get the full amount of reward because of low level of conditions of cooperation in contracts with team managers or lack of these conditions.

Distribution of cyber athlete’s profit on GameStars platform is strictly defined and fully automatic through the player’s smart-contract. Using block chain technology, crypto-tokens and smart-contracts makes calculation process clear and excludes possibility of fraud, data substitution or cheating.

The lack of reward paying to the tournament winner.

GameStars platform solves this problem using smart-contracts in tournaments. 

The issue of guaranteeing the compliance with the conditions of the tournament, as well as refunding contributions in case of tournament cancellation. 

On the GameStars platform, all terms and conditions of tournaments are placed in the tournaments’ smart contracts in the form of a set of parameters that allow unambiguous description of the outcome of the tournament based on data received from the API of the gaming service or the game used in the tournament. The tournament’s prize money is stored on the balance sheet of the smart contract and cannot be appropriated by any third parties. If the tournament is canceled, all funds are returned to the addresses from which they were received.

Organizing your own tournament is expensive and is affordable only for large companies.

The GameStars platform allows you to organize your own tournament quickly and effortlessly. Organizers of tournaments can include the players themselves, the GameStars platform, or sponsors.

How the platform will earn?

At the expense of the commissions for tournaments (3% of the prize money), the percentage of the cyber athlete's income (10% of the income), if the issue of the smart contract and the Cyberathlete ICO procedure is paid by the platform, another user of the GameStars platform (if Basic smart contract is applied).

Why does the user need to create a personal smart contract? What are its functions?

The purpose of the GameStars platform is to provide opportunities for aspiring and established cyber athletes to get investment for their further development. The second task is to make the investment process transparent, flexible, and honest.

These tasks are solved by using the technology of block chain and smart contracts.

Creation of a personal smart contract on the GameStars platform is necessary for the player to be able to launch the Cyberathlete Initial Coin Offering (CICO) procedure and release personal cyber athlete tokens in order to attract resources for the development of the cyber athlete. 

The code of the smart contract is generated by the GameStars platform and contains the following:

- A set of properties and methods complying with the ERC20 standard
- A set of properties, methods and interfaces necessary to carry out unique identification of the cyber athlete, to ensure the operation of the CICO procedure and the mechanism allocating revenues among the holders of the tokens of this smart contract.
Thus, in a smart contract, the terms of cooperation and payment of rewards to the player, team, investors and the GameStars platform are fixed. Applying of smart contract technology makes the settlement process transparent and eliminates the possibility of fraud.
What is the Cyberathlete ICO?

Cyberathlete Initial Coin Offering is the procedure of emission of cyberathlete’s tokens and their further allocation.

In order to minimize the possibility of fraud and fraudulent schemes, as well as to ensure high-quality offers from players, the platform decided to make the launch of Cyberathlete Initial Coin Offering a fee-based procedure(from 1000 to 35000 GST depends on the smart contract type). In order for a player to start the Cyberathlete Initial Coin Offering procedure, he/she needs to issue a personal smart contract on the GameStars platform.

The player may have not enough GST tokens in his/her account to launch CICO independently. In this case, the GameStars platform offers several ways of attracting initial investment. The scenario can be found in Cyberathlete Initial Coin Offering(CICO) in white paper

The cyber athlete’s tokens are distributed as percentages among the cyber athlete, his team, and investors. The percentage allocation options depend on the smart contract type and on who paid for the creation of the smart contract (depends on CICO scenario). Tokens meant for investors go on general sale through the internal exchange of the GameStars platform.

Cyber athletes’ tokens entitle their holders to receive a share of the cyber athlete’s revenues earned by participating in tournaments and received from other sources (such as advertising).

Cyber athletes’ income transfers to the address of the player’s smart contract which allocates them among the holders of the player’s tokens in accordance with their respective shares.

The sum in GST tokens received from the sale of the cyber athlete’s tokens can be used for the following purposes:

-professional advancement of the cyber athlete;

-purchase of equipment;

-renting a facility for training sessions;

-hiring coaches;

-tournament participation fees;

Cybersport tournaments. How to create and participate in tournaments on the GameStars platform?

Tournaments based on smart contracts on the GameStars platform solve the problem of non-payment of prize money and introducing changes to competition terms after the start of the tournament. Using the platform’s web interface, anyone can launch a local tournament among friends on fixed conditions and be sure that players will not be deceived, the prize money will be allocated according to the set scheme, and the tournament conditions will remain unchanged in the process.

Therefore, players get new opportunities for holding their own tournaments on clearly defined conditions with confidence in their outcomes. Brands, on the other hand, get a chance to involve famous players, sponsors, and advertisers in their tournaments.

How to create a tournament and take part in it?

⦁ A GameStars platform user who wants to launch his/her own tournament, sets the following tournament parameters using the web interface (game, number of participants, start date, selection of the prize money allocation system)

⦁ The GameStars platform generates a smart contract containing recorded tournament terms.

⦁ If a player is invited by the tournament organizers, or agrees to participate in the tournament, the system sends him/her the address of the smart contract

⦁ If the player agrees to the terms and conditions of the tournament, he/she transfers the entry fee sum in GST tokens to the smart contract, thereby agreeing to the terms and confirming his/her participation.

⦁ The tournament starts at the specified time and is held according to the pre-set conditions. The platform tracks all match results through the API of the gaming service or game.

⦁ After the tournament is over, the platform sends the results to the smart contract which automatically transfers the prize money to the tournament’s prize-winners.

⦁ 3% of the prize money is transferred to the GameStars platform as a service fee.

The GameStars platform will offer an opportunity to organize team competitions (tournaments in the 1v1 format, and 5v5). The GameStars platform also provides an opportunity for third-party sponsors (e-sports organizations, representatives of leagues, communities, etc.) to hold tournaments. Participation in such tournaments will be free for players. The prize money fund is formed by the sponsor. In addition to setting tournament parameters, the sponsor can set player admission criteria for the tournament, or provide access to the tournament by invites. The platform will organize tournaments in various games (Dota2, League of Legends, Heroes of the Storm, Hearthstone, StarCraft 2, CS:GO etc.) on a regular basis. Prize money for such tournaments will be taken from the Bonus Fund, formed from a portion (share) of the platform's service fees (issuing players' smart contracts, fees received from holding tournaments, etc.).

What games does the platform connected to?

The platform will organize tournaments in various games (Dota2, League of Legends, Heroes of the Storm, Hearthstone, StarCraft 2, CS:GO etc.) on a regular basis. Players (teams) will be invited to participate on the tournaments by the Gamestars platform.

Internal exchange of tokens

In order to enable players and their potential investors to trade in personal tokens, there will be developed a mechanism of internal exchange on the GameStars platform. On the exchange, anyone can buy cyberathletes’ personal tokens offered for sale for GST tokens. Players, their teams, or investors, in turn, can offer them for sale. Investors will be able to access statistics on both the player and his/her personal tokens which should inform the right investment decision.

How can I earn using the platform?

GST is a utility token, which is intended for mutual settlements within the system. When buying GST, you can participate in tournaments, exchange tokens on the internal exchange for Cyberathelts tokens or ETH to get a part of their income, create your own Cyberathlete ICO in order to get investments for its further development as a Cyberathlete.

Will I be able to earn money on a coin?

GST is a utility token, which is intended for mutual settlements within the system. We took care of the price of the coin to grow: we offer a competitive solution in a dynamic and rapidly developing market. The emission of the token is limited - 325 000 000 GST and after the sale the tokens will not be released any more. In addition, tokens used to create smart contracts are frozen for 2 years. Thus, when 5000 profi users or 17 500 ordinary users register inside the platform, there is a deficit of tokens. For actions on the platform, new users will buy tokens on the exchange. Great demand, as a rule, leads to a rapid growth of the rate. 

What has been done and what are the plans for the development of the project?

What has been done

A significant part of the system is made up of smart contracts. Before the launch of the token, we created and laid out all the necessary smart contracts. You can find it in the link: https://gamestars.io/#

- We have already entered into a partnership with a major stock exchange Yobit and Z-Union.

- We have created a business model for the platform and its PR Company, and legal approach.

- We have developed a marketing strategy.

- We have formed team.

What do we have to do in the near future?

 -Holding ICO

 -Searching for partners among gaming platforms and manufacturers of gaming equipment.

 -Launch of an active marketing strategy aiming to attract platform users.

 -Beta release of the platform (BASIC contracts, internal exchange, tournaments on the platform).

 -Connection with external APIs and start of gaming stats collection.

 -Extension of the list of possible tournament scenarios.

 -Listing of the GST token on cryptocurrency exchanges.



What experience does the team have?

We have a strong team of experienced developers. There are specialists working in the field of blockchain-technologies, having experience in the field of business management and creating games. Our art director Yuri Kuleshov has more than 10 years of experience in a large game studio Gameloft. Therefore, we have all the necessary competencies to implement the project.

More information about the team you can find on the main page of the site.

Do you have the officially registered company?

Gamestars Technologies Inc., Certificate No.: 203920, 25.04.2018.
Global Gateway 8,
Rue de la Perle

Providence, Mahe
Republic of Seychelles.