Game Stars Investbox is replenished

Dear friends! The Token Sale has been completed recently and as you know token holders now have an opportunity to trade them on two exchanges: YoBit and

Many of our Telegram-chat users worried that the Investbox is not replenished. We are happy to inform you that it has been fixed! The Investbox is replenished and continues to work. Now you can receive daily income without any effort.

The Investbox is available to users on YoBit exchange. The investment rate is set to 5% of the deposit amount per day.

All you need to do is deposit tokens into the Investbox and receive daily income of 5%. The minimum deposit amount is 1000 GST, the maximum amount is 15,000 GST. It’s time for GST-monopolists to hurry up and earn even more money in the nearest future!

Earn with Game Stars! The path to the success begins here and now!